We finally know the official date of the return of Plus belle la vie and it’s very soon!

Recently, we learned that the reruns of Plus belle la vie were going to stop on France 3, audiences being in free fall. The intrigue on the love triangle of Estelle, Djawad and Noham did not seduce the viewers, nor even that on the first steps of the Enchanter in the Mistral district. As of June 22, reruns are over, bad news for fans of More beautiful life who have been without new episodes of their series since May 4. But filming resumed a few weeks ago in Marseille and the teams are already very reactive so that they can soon resume broadcasting on television. So, More beautiful life will officially return to France 3 from Monday June 29 at 8:20 p.m., to finally discover the rest of the series!

In a few days, we will be able to know if Irina will accept Jean-Paul’s marriage proposal, if Luna will be ready to continue a love affair with Pavel (Andrès) behind bars or if Jeanne will finally come out of a coma … Following More beautiful life still promises to be full of twists and turns since Barbara’s character will also make a comeback in the Mistral district, with a major innovation: A baby under her arm! Will it be hers? For the moment, doubt still hangs. She will even live a new love story with a young man you know well in the series of France 3. Clearly, if covid-19 and containment will necessarily be discussed later, we can still expect lighter moments. Until June 29, know that a famous actress has joined the cast of Plus belle la vie.



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