Was the death of some Game of Thrones characters predictable?

After revealing to you the words of an actress who defended the end of season 8 of Game of Thrones despite the horrible death of her character, we continue to talk about the dead of the series and we will not lie, this n is not what is missing. It is in the explosion of the Great Septuary of Baelor that we are particularly interested since this event perfectly orchestrated by Cersei which marked the end of season 6 resulted in the death of several characters, including Margaery Tyrell. As a reminder, the latter dies surrounded by Sparrows followers of the Faith of the Seven and the Great Sparrow who refused to let her leave before the explosion.

Margaery before the explosion

Do the Sparrows in question matter? Yes if we believe words that Margaery Tyrell made well before the explosion, in season 4 of Game of Thrones. When the latter talks about her marriage to Joffrey, she jokes explaining that if she let Joffrey decide, she would wear around her neck a necklace made of dead sparrows as jewelry on her wedding day. And since it is indeed Sparrows that, by surrounding it and preventing it from leaving the Great Septuary, caused his death, we tend to think that it was not a simple coincidence in the use of words.

The explosion of the Grand Septuaire

Margaery was “smothered” by Sparrows and even if, over the 8 seasons of Game of Thrones some things were surely done sometimes by chance, one wonders if his words in season 4 were not already a disastrous omen . The death of several characters at the end of season 6 was already long overdue and a possible wink in season 4 only makes it even more unforgettable. Despite all the characters who perished in the explosion, it’s hard not to think that this sequence will always be one of the most beautiful in the series – notably thanks to its magnificent soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi.



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