Tonight, at 11:59 p.m. the fate of the eight series still in competition will be sealed. But then, which shows will qualify for the semi-finals?

Lucifer, The 100, Sex Education and 5 other series have qualified for the quarterfinals … but the fateful hour is fast approaching! Tonight, at 11:59 p.m., it will be too late. The fate of your favorite series will be sealed. While eight series were still in competition, as of tomorrow when the results are announced, they will be only four to continue the adventure. But then, which show will approach the gates of victory and end up in the last four series? There are still a few hours left to tip the scales so don’t let go! Some matches are very close and you can still allow a rebound! So what are the four series most likely to advance to the semi-finals of the 2020 Series World Cup? Here are our predictions!

Who will win ?
Who will win ? – Credit (s): Netflix

Since the start of the competition, a few series seem to be your big favorites and Lucifer has had a flawless journey. From the group stage, she knocked out all her opponents one by one and has a great chance of qualifying against The Umbrella Academy. On the side of group B, The 100 had taken a good step ahead of its rival, Dynasty and this trend should be confirmed. Between Elite and La Casa de Papel, the votes were very tight, but the second could pull its pins out of the game. Let’s end with the most intense duel between Riverdale and Sex Education… Archie and his gang could lose to their rivals … One thing is certain, it is that all these matches have given us a blast and that the next two weeks promise to be thrilling! While waiting for the results, continue to vote to make a difference by clicking HERE.


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