A fan theory explains why the Time Commission wanted the apocalypse to happen in Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy, and it wasn’t just for the sake of keeping the schedule.

When it comes to discussing their favorite series, fans are full of imagination! This is why many theories about the hidden details of The Umbrella Academy emanate on social networks, and the most informed spectators sometimes manage to get it right. Evidence, Justin H. Min recently supported a hypothesis about Ben’s death in The Umbrella Academy. From now on, it is the Time Commission which is the subject of a new debate. According to user Reddit Tidemand, if The Handler and the others wanted the apocalypse Vanya created to happen, it wasn’t just to enforce the timeline. No, it was to have the opportunity to create a new world, with humans (or species) of their choice.

The Handler and Five
The Handler and Five – Credit (s): Netflix

“After the apocalypse has occurred, time travelers will be able to jump a hundred years into the future when nature recovers. Thus, they will begin to reintroduce the species that have disappeared with humanity. And finally, some humans who complete a list of qualities can be transferred to this new future, where there is no crime, no war, no pollution, because there are no humans. So they can start all over without repeating the same mistakes of the past “, he explains. If this theory is entirely possible, it would be the subject of an interesting twist if the species they decide to introduce come from another planet … that of Sir Reginald for example? After all, once humans have been decimated, only exceptional beings or those with powers could gain access to this new world. The planet would have had time to be reborn and a few privileged people would therefore have the chance to live there. Before knowing more about this hypothesis, keep voting for your favorite shows during the World Cup series.


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