Shaun and his colleagues will be back on our screens soon! The broadcast date of season 4 of The Good Doctor has finally been revealed as well as the poster!

After long months of doubts and absence, season 4 of The Good Doctor is finally beginning to unfold. The final episode of Season 3 was heartbreaking. In the last minutes of this Season Finale of season 3 of The Good Doctor, Melendez died of his injuries. However, Shaun was entitled to his happy ending. Lea realized that she was finally in love with her ex-roommate. She told him that she loved him and they kissed passionately. Will their romance last in the next episodes or will Shaun face yet another disappointment? In any case, the doctors from St Bonaventure Hospital will be back soon!

A poster that says it all ...
A poster that says it all … – Credit (s): ABC

Season 4 of The Good Doctor will return Monday, November 2 on ABC. The series will deal with the coronavirus pandemic and Shaun and his colleagues will therefore not be spared. We will have to expect new tragedies, but will the doctors at St Bonaventure Hospital find a solution? Not so sure… In any case, the poster announces the color. Half of Shaun’s face is concealed by a text that says it all: “How do you heal a world turned upside down?. Even Shaun’s over-developed knowledge might not be enough. While waiting to learn more about these next episodes, discover our predictions for the 2020 Series World Cup and don’t forget to vote for your favorite series by clicking HERE.


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