When it comes to sex, there’s no shortage of hot scenes in the series. And this year again, they gave us some very hot moments. From Elite to Sex Education, an overview of the sexiest scenes of the season.

What we love about the series, besides their interesting plots and endearing characters, are all the emotions through which they make us pass. They make us laugh, they make us cry, they scare us, they make us stress, they make us dream and then, sometimes, they excite us a little as well. Honestly, have we ever watched a single show without a hot sex scene? We have trouble finding. There are many times when our desire is carried away by watching two characters (or more if affinities) slaughter on our screen. And the 2019/2020 season was no exception! The proof with these scenes hotter than hot.


Adept of sulphurous relationships, season 3 Elite gave us a troop with Polo, Cayetana and Valerio. The three teens turned around kindly to begin with, but it didn’t take long before they kissed each other and kissed each other. end up threesome on Polo’s bed, giving us one of the hottest scenes of the series.

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Joe and Love had a really good sexual connection, but we always keep in mind this time when they got kicked in the room next to the one where Love’s brother was sleeping. As Joe lets out a little too loud moan, Love shoves a tie in his mouth while riding on him, before screaming herself, forcing Joe to put his hand to her mouth. Then follows a short but intense part of the legs in the air, where the two lovers end up enjoying together.

Credit: CSmoke365 – YouTube


One of the best sex scenes of Outlander season 5 took place during episode 11. Claire wakes up in the night, sweaty, and walks to the window to try to cool off a bit. Jamie walks up to her and begins to list what he feels about her, of which, descending lower, its special sexual scent. He then takes care of her while she stands against the open window and arches in pleasure as a breeze rises along with his enjoyment.

Credit: STARZ – YouTube


In episode 6 of season 5, Chloe reunites with Lucifer at the club and it doesn’t take long before they pounce on each other and kiss fiercely against the piano, then against a wall. A most sulphurous introduction that ends on the bed, the two cursed lovers making love tenderly but passionately, to the sweet sound of Tether Me, from Galleaux. More sensual and exciting, you die.

Credit: Denko – YouTube

THE 100

Since Levitt was introduced to the series, there have been many scenes that have shown a connection between him and Octavia. Levitt has fallen in love with her ever since she stepped into her chair with M-CAP technology and you could tell Octavia had a thing for him. Fans of The 100 have only been waiting for one thing: to take action. And their wish was granted in episode 9 of season 7! As Levitt visits Octavia, they end up kissing and having sex in one of the sexiest moments.

Credit: CW Shenanigans – YouTube


There are sex scenes in this series, it lives up to its name. But the one that has caught our attention the most this season is the one that took place between Ola and Lily. When the two characters finally stop being ashamed of their sexual orientation, they decide to meet for sex. But since Lily suffers from vaginismus, they get creative to enjoy their sex life without touching each other. And it gives a very hot moment!

Credit: mcklss – YouTube


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