According to Flash showrunner Eric Wallace, the number of episodes will be determined when the series can begin filming season 7.

Through the series finale Arrow earlier this year, The Flash is now The CW’s longest-running superhero series. Like all Arrowverse series, The Flash spent Season 6 processing “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, the massive crossover that ended in January after five intense hours. Barry Allen and Team Flash spent the last part of Season 6 dealing with the aftermath of the “Crisis”, as well as a new threat in Mirrorverse with the big bad Eva McCulloch. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, season 6 of The Flash has been discontinued and some storylines are expected to allow season 7 to begin. Besides, fans are wondering … How many episodes will be made up of season 7 of The Flash ?

One more mystery!
One more mystery! – Credit (s): The CW

For now, however, a key piece of the upcoming season remains unknown. In a recent interview with Discussing Film, Eric Wallace revealed that the number of episodes of Season 7 of The Flash had not yet been decided. He explained : “I’m still not sure exactly how many episodes of The Flash will actually air in 2021 … The hope is to start in October or November, start in the fall. This is our hope. I hope we will know more in the coming weeks. I am actually very cautious, cautiously optimistic. And of course when we start, we’ll figure out how many episodes we can make. So let’s keep our fingers crossed for fall. “. While waiting to learn more, find out if Cisco will be haunted by his decision in season 7 of The Flash.


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