While waiting for season 2, discover the funniest memes of Lily Collins in the series Emily In Paris!

Who would have thought that the new series of Lily collins make so much talk about her? Indeed, despite the many totally WTF and annoying inconsistencies ofEmily In Paris, the show broadcast on Netflix on October 02 is still ranked at the top of the top 10. An unprecedented success which can be explained by the immense buzz caused by the plethora of clichés represented in the series. And for good reason, from the beret to the baguette, the pain au chocolat, the glasses of wine à tir-larigot, the laziness and the legendary bad humor of the Parisians, everything goes! It must be said that to tell the story of the young American expatriate, Darren Star, the former screenwriter of Sex and The City, totally let go. Just like the Internet users in return who did not hesitate to produce several hilarious memes on the series. Here is a collection of the funniest memes on Emily In Paris.

The least we can say is that Internet users are endowed with a strong creativity when it comes to envisioning Emily in “the real Paris”. Whether it is by imagining her going through a real ordeal with the French bureaucracy or even ordering to devour a good kebab at the end of the evening, the photo of the young woman has been largely diverted for our greatest pleasure. Even the CM of Netflix lent itself to the game! We will also note the meme which openly mocks the French version proposed by the platform, deemed inaudible and almost insulting. Hoping to give you a little smile while waiting for the announcement of a possible season 2. Also discover the response of Lucas Bravo (Gabriel) annoyed by the critics ofEmily In Paris.


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