The two most important communities of The Walking Dead franchise still have a lot of secrets.

After we wonder if a character from the first season of The Walking Dead could be linked to CRM, we continue to be interested in this mysterious community that is revealed in the spin-off The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Thanks to her, we learned that the Civil Republic brings together around 200,000 survivors, and that it is a real small civilization that she managed to rebuild. Electricity, raw materials, army, resources … The Civil Republic is immense and in view of its means, we imagine that it is aware of what is happening everywhere in the United States, but is it the only one ?

Commonwealth soldiers
Commonwealth soldiers – Credit (s): amc

The other very important community in the franchise is the Commonwealth, a community that was introduced at the end of episode 16 of season 10 of The Walking Dead. According to the comics, this group has managed to bring together 50,000 survivors over the years. Could it then be that the CRM and the Commonwealth have already crossed paths given their impressive size? We know from TWD: World Beyond that the Civil Republic makes trade deals with other communities – and doesn’t hesitate to take them out if they feel they become a threat. This could mean that scouts from both groups could have crossed paths at some point.

CRM has resources
CRM has resources – Credit (s): AMC

Always after TWD: World Beyond, the Civil Republic is based around New York. The Commonwealth is located in West Virginia, at the level of the city of Charleston. Admittedly this places them about 900km from each other, but it would amount to about a week of walking, but we imagine that the Commonwealth as the Civil Republic can be equipped with horses, helicopters or even other means of transport. So it doesn’t put them that far apart, which makes meeting them all the more likely.

The Commonwealth
The Commonwealth – Credit (s): amc

The question remains whether an agreement was made between them, and if that could have an impact on Rick’s plot. The latter is, theoretically, still in the Civil Republic, while Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko and Princess could soon be escorted to the Commonwealth. If the two communities exchange goods and information, Rick’s survival could finally be known to all. – if Judith hasn’t said it by then. We will surely have to wait for other episodes of TWD: World Beyond to learn more about the Civil Republic, but we’ll meet you on OCS early 2021 to discover the Commonwealth in the continuation of season 10 of The Walking Dead.


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