If season 3 of The Umbrella Academy has still not been confirmed by Netflix, let’s go back to the biggest inconsistencies of this second part.

Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy may have been released last July on Netflix, the enthusiasm of fans around the plot of the next episodes does not weaken. There are plenty of theories swelling on social media, the latest suggesting that Harlan may have helped found Sparrow Academy. If fans are eagerly awaiting the renewal of the series for a season 3, they do not agree with all the scriptwriting springs of The Umbrella Academy. Some of the inconsistencies from the previous episodes are so big that it could ultimately undermine the credibility of the series. Here are which ones.

Why don’t Allison and Luther see each other as brothers and sisters?

Allison and Luther
Allison and Luther – Credit (s): Netflix

This is one of the cutest storylines but also one of the most disturbing of the series: why don’t Allison and Luther see each other as siblings, like the other members adopted by Reginald Hargreeves ? From a young age, these two characters have had a mutual attraction to each other, inevitably confusing fans. If we can not speak of incest given that Luther and Allison are not related by blood, we still wonder how they could have allowed this impossible relationship.. The only possible answer: love is definitely not explained!

The boss of the Time Commission is a goldfish locked in a jar

Carmichael – Credit (s): Netflix

While season 2 of The Umbrella Academy allowed us to better understand the functioning of the Time Commission, we wondered who was in charge of this somewhat messy organization! If The Handler was a charismatic being – both physically and in the way he acted – we were necessarily surprised to learn that the boss of the Commission was a man with the head of a goldfish locked in a jar ! Normally, this type of animal runs in circles all day long in its aquarium but has no brains, right? It’s nonsense, but you have to admit that it’s funny.

Reginald Hargreeves is an alien but no one had realized he was weird

Reginald Hargreeves
Reginald Hargreeves – Credit (s): Netflix

Revealing Reginald’s identity was among the most important twists of Season 2, but when you think about it, we find it surprising that none of the characters realized this before. He knew way too much about the apocalypse, time travel, and science to be just a human, right? Ok, in the collective imagination, aliens are known to be very intelligent, devious and clever, but nobody thought that something was wrong with Reginald? As if everyone must have thought he was hiding a secret, but without really trying to find out.

Luther and Diego are supposed to have amazing powers, oops

Diego – Credit (s): Netflix

Members of the Umbrella Academy are meant to be humans with exceptional faculties. However, if we take a closer look at Diego (the knife thrower) and Luther (strong as a monkey), we say to ourselves that there is nothing extraordinary about it. However, in the comics, other powers are associated with these two foster brothers, so it is a shame to portray such a “banal” image of Diego and Luther.

Harlan played Mad Doctor in 1963, except the game was released in 1965

Harlan – Credit (s): Netflix

Finally, the last inconsistency in the series relates an inattention error: little Harlan plays Nutty Doctor, a game released in 1965, while the plot takes place precisely in 1963. It’s not much, but experienced fans have a keen eye, no mistakes will be accepted! If the Netflix series is renewed for a third season, it will have to pay attention to the smallest detail. Recently, The Umbrella Academy season 2 has been criticized for Ben, find out why.


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