Everything suggests that season 2 of The Boys will be an opportunity to discover the origins of the famous team.

Spread the word, season 2 of The Boys particularly promises devilish, as a certain Billy Butcher would say. You just have to see the clips uploaded so far, and in which the Amazon Prime Video series seems to go even further than in its first season. This new chapter in The Boys’ Adventures will not only be explosive on the action side, however. The relationships between the various characters will also be strained, as will their nerves. This psychological aspect is also what we are eager to see, since we will allow you to learn more about the completely crazy Boys band.

The Boys season 2 teaser – Credit (s): Amazon Prime Video

The Season 2 Final Trailer The Boys shows a group in very bad shape. Now that they are wanted across the country, and not just by Vought’s superheroes, their mission is going to get very complicated. Besides putting down the company, and especially preventing the Protector and the others from continuing to play tyrants, they will have to go in search of Becca, Butcher’s wife. A difficult situation which will not always help to ease tensions within the group. We were also able to discover in an extract that Hughie was beginning to have slightly enough of Butcher’s attitude. The images unveiled therefore suggest that the emotions and the psychological aspect of the characters will be more than ever at the heart of this new season. A hypothesis confirmed by recent interviews with the cast.

Hughie, the French and the Cream in season 1 of The Boys
Hughie, the Frenchman and the Cream in season 1 of The Boys – Credit (s): Amazon Prime Video

“Season 2 revolves a lot around the origins of Billy Butcher, understanding who he is, and this long before Becca’s disappearance. He’s a lot more desperate. He’s a lot more vulnerable.” thus entrusted Karl Urban, Billy Butcher, in an interview with Digital Trends. Interviewed by the same site, Laz Alonso alias la Crème also announced that the origins of the Frenchman, and in part those of his character, will also be explored. “We will not have the origins of the Cream, but we have those of the French and the Cream is part of that story.” He pursues “You get to see us when we like each other, when we’re best friends. You find it goes beyond The Boys.”

Butcher, the Frenchman and the Cream in season 1 of The Boys
Butcher, the Frenchman and the Cream in season 1 of The Boys – Credit (s): Amazon Prime Video

After seeing them in action, and especially having had an idea of ​​the tensions that could exist within the group, we will understand how the Boys team was created. Either who they were before they found themselves embroiled in the same galley, and what were their motivations. This is something to make us even more want to discover this season 2 of The Boys, which will begin airing on September 4 on Amazon Prime Video. The first 3 episodes will go live on that date, before the series moves to a weekly broadcast. More good news, The Boys has already been renewed for a season 3. Hopefully success will be there once again!


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