“Come full circle”, Tom Hiddleston stops playing Loki? Follow us

Loki It’s finish. Season 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) spin-off series ended with a bang. But what about the future of its main performer, Tom Hiddleston ? The British actor seems to have sowed confusion and vagueness around an interview given on the set of the show Jimmy Fallon as for his future in the character’s costume.

The circle is complete.”, says Tom Hiddleston peremptorily in The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. It makes : “This is the conclusion of the second season, that of the first too, that of a whole. It is also the end of 6 films, 12 episodes and 14 years of my life.Here, the interpreter of Loki seems to take stock before definitively turning a page. That of the MCU? Or that of Loki quite simply ? Fans of the Asgardian God are holding their breath.

Loki : Tom Hiddleston seems to be done

I was 29 when I was recruited, I am 42 today.”, details Tom Hiddleston in the same interview with the star American presenter. “In this finale, there are echoes of all the versions of Loki that I have played on screen.” It’s not easy to disentangle the truth from the falsehood in this statement. Nor even the future desires of the interpreter of Loki in an MCU currently in full change. For now, although it is still too early, Disney has not yet confirmed or denied a hypothetical third season for Loki. Tom Hiddleston seems at peace with himself. Like his partners before him, Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson, he seems to have toured the MCU if we are to believe his statements. At least it’s not yet another trick of the God of Lies. Go figure, anything is possible with Loki.

Jonathan Majors affair: why is the actor not cut from Loki season 2? Follow us

Against all odds, or almost, Jonathan Majors is indeed present in season 2 of the series derived from Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Loki. A relatively surprising presence when we know that Jonathan Majors is currently at the heart of a legal scandal.

In fact, the rising star of the MCU was arrested last March in the streets of New York. The reason ? He allegedly harassed and hit a young woman who was similar to his girlfriend. Jonathan Majors has denied the facts since his arrest by the local police but the case continues. A legal battle is just beginning even though the actor has already been declared persona non grata in many spheres ofentertainment American.

Jonathan Majors affair: the actor returns in Loki season 2

Despite his legal troubles, Jonathan Majors is finally back in a production of Marvel Studios. A surprise for the spectators but not necessarily for the production of the show. Kevin Wrightproducer of Lokirecounts in Variety : “For the moment, I don’t know any more than you and it would have been hasty to act without knowing what happened.Thus, the studios adopted the policy of burying their heads in the sand in the face of the Jonathan Majors Affair. The actor was ultimately not cut from the series thanks to the presumption of innocence. He will nevertheless return to court on October 25, 2023. A new passage even though the series Loki currently airing its second season on Disney+. Jonathan Majors, aka Kang the Conqueror in the MCU, is supposed to become the new antagonist of the Marvel universe in the future Avengers 5. In the meantime, numerous other testimonies overwhelm the actor. To be continued.