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You must have already seen Victor Meutelet before his role opposite Muriel Robin in Master Crimes on TF1. Beautiful angular face, model build, steel gray eyes and devastating smile… The 24-year-old French actor has all the makings of a movie star. The proof ? He has already played a young hunk opposite Axelle Laffont in romantic comedy MILF and the courageous hero of a horror film in the Parisian catacombs, Deep Fear. But Victor Meutelet also shot for a American series successful on Netflix.

In fact, Victor Meutelet played a small role in Emily in Paris ! Yes, yes, the most Frenchie of the Rican series. In the show, he plays TimothyThe brother of Camilleor the sidekick of the title heroine portrayed by Lily Collins. Victor Meutelet recounted this experience to our colleagues atAllocinated : “The opportunity to work with a big name like Darren Star [réalisateur culte, NDLR] or having Lily Collins as a partner, it wasn’t nothing. So, obviously, I wanted to be part of this adventure. I didn’t want to miss it.” A nice line on the actor’s CV. Just like that of Master Crimeswhere he shares the screen with Muriel Robin, in the language of Molière this time.

Master Crimes : Victor Meutelet makes a lasting impression in the series

In Master CrimesVictor Meutelet plays a student in a murder case on a campus. Louise Artus, university professor, specialist in psycho-criminology, played on screen by Muriel Robin, leads the investigation. The young actor does not deserve to face the challenge of French humor. But, at the same time, he already has a nice television track record of his own. In 2018, he played the role of an ambiguous young adult in Innocents, also on TF1. Still on the first channel, in 2019, he played a high-flying thief in The Charity Bazaar, again on TF1. A year later, he took on the role of a young waiter who investigates the disappearance of his sister in the TF1 mini-series, decidedly titled Grand Hotel. In Master Crimes, Victor Meutelet once again marks the minds of viewers. If you had already remembered his face, now you have to remember his name. The new episode of Master Crimes is broadcast this Thursday, November 16 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1.

Muriel Robin: this particular request on the set of Master Crimes Follow us

Master Crimes is a police soap opera on TF1 which revitalized the career of Muriel Robin. The actress and comedian slips here into the trappings of Louise Arbusa university professor specializing in psycho-criminology. A role that is half-serious, half-offbeat, very tongue-in-cheek, which suits Muriel Robin perfectly. So much so that the actress insisted on glamorize the look of his heroine on screen while doing this special request to the production of Master Crimes.

In fact, Muriel Robin wanted her character to be able to wear pumps and a very chic handbag. Recently interviewed on the set of Dailythe actress claims to have had “want because after Marie Besnard And Jacqueline SauvageI have aged a lot.”Here, Muriel Robin refers to two very dramatic that she played on screen to break her image of a good, funny friend. Two attempts toTchao Pantin” very successful in the career of the actress.

Muriel Robin: she wanted the diva side of her heroine in Master Crimes

She adds in the face of Yann Barthès during the broadcast on TF1: “For the next one, I want pumps and I won’t take them off!Master Crimes thus allows Muriel Robin to find a more sparkling role, also younger if we are to believe what she said in promotion in Quotidien. She breaks with the difficult roles of Marie Besnard and Jacqueline Sauvage which nevertheless allowed her to prove that she could play in a dramatic register. Louise Arbus, her heroine in Master Crimes, is the opposite of these two roles and the biographical aspect of two women. Louise’s coquetry in no way prevents this from being a strong woman. Muriel Robin has fun playing a kind of profiler like no other in Master Crimes. The series is more or less a disguised remake of MurderAmerican series starring Viola Davis. In the French version, Muriel Robin shares the screen with neither more nor less than her wife, Anne Le Nen. Pumps, strong role, wife in the city as well as on screen… Master Crimes seems to mark the television renaissance of the actress. Or even, perhaps, a form of rebirth after the discrimination suffered in showbiz that Muriel Robin recently mentioned. TF1 broadcasts a new episode of Master Crimes This Thursday November 9, 2023 has 9:10 p.m..