Panic for fans of 10 perfect couples! While all the lovers were celebrating Valentine’s Day last night, Anthony Matéo and Romane worried their fans. Thus, while the two bulldogs have outright deleted their respective photos on social networks. A gesture that has given rise to many rumors. Indeed, some bloggers have even claimed that the two candidates had separated because of a history of deception. Something to shock the most loyal admirers of the duo. But then, what happened to make the couple decide to spend the lovers’ day far from each other?

Romane has decided to break the silence and reveal everything to her subscribers: “Regarding the stories of some bloggers who speak without knowing…I’ve seen talk of ‘cheating’ outright. It’s going way too far. I’m still with Anthony, I’m still in our house. We had an argument like all couples. I’m impulsive and limitless as you see on TV but that’s no reason to speak for us, to say that we broke up and especially for completely false reasons. For the greatest misfortune for some and some, I am still with Anthony and it will not change.

Anthony Matéo gave Romane a bag for Valentine’s Day

She concludes with these words: “Sorry for you. Go bye!” That is very clear. For his part, the blogger Aqababe shared a story in which he confirms that the couple is indeed together and that Anthony even offered a Gucci bag to Romane. Information that the pretty blonde immediately confirmed by sharing this story. One thing is certain, the fans will not be surprised as the young woman has already proven in the episodes of 10 perfect couples that she was very impulsive when it came to love. We are therefore not at the end of our surprises.


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