After the time jump, Veronica will be married … But could she fall in love with Archie again in season 5 of Riverdale?

Season 5 of Riverdale looks different. Our high school students will have grown up. After their graduation and their prom, we will find Archie and his gang after a long jump in time in episode 4. If we did not know the duration, Lili Reinhart has lifted the veil on this mystery. Seven years will have passed and there is going to be a change in the lives of Veronica and Jughead … Hiram and Hermione’s daughter will be married in Season 5 of Riverdale … The production is currently looking for a actor to play the role of Chad Gekko, Veronica’s future husband already seen in the spin-off Katy keene, described as “Veronica’s controlling and neurotic husband who works on Wall Street”. But then, do Veronica and Archie still have a chance to get back together in the next episodes of Riverdale ?

Will the flame be extinguished?
Will the flame be extinguished? – Credit (s): the cw

The love stories of our quartet will know some twists in season 5 of Riverdale. Jughead will have a new girlfriend while Veronica is married. However, returning to Riverdale could spice up their love life. When we all got together, old feelings could come to the surface. So it’s possible that seeing Archie again, Veronica will feel some chills for her ex again! New love triangles could emerge! For the moment, there is still doubt about the next episodes but romantic dramas are to be expected! While waiting to learn more, find out if flashbacks will be present in season 5 of Riverdale.


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