Among the tightest matches, who will qualify for the semi-finals of the 2020 Series World Cup?

The competition is raging this week and there are only a few days left to choose which shows will go to the semi-finals of the 2020 Series World Cup. At the moment, it is unclear who will be the last four series in contention. , although the first two games A and B seem to show a slight gap between the two opponents. Indeed, Lucifer and The 100 should respectively qualify for the semi-finals, but there are two much closer matches … In particular the C match which opposes Elite at La Casa De Papel. Which Spanish series will be able to do well? Both are creations Netflix which have been very successful. La Casa De Papel will be signing his final installment with Part 5 in 2021, and fans may want to gift him the trophy as a kind of farewell

Who will win the 2020 World Cup?
Who will win the 2020 World Cup? – Credit (s): melty

But Elite has been able to offer several turnarounds in his last season, which could possibly give him a small head start against his opponent. Difficult to know! As for match D, which opposes Riverdale at Sex Education, here too the competition is very tight. If the British Netflix series has only two short seasons behind it, it could finally succeed in dethroning Riverdale thanks to its more captivating plot and its more endearing characters, given that Archie and his clique are really starting to lack originality in the later episodes. In any case, everything is still possible! So vote every day for your favorite show in the 2020 Series World Cup JUST HERE.


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