Filming for Season 6 of Outlander hasn’t kicked off yet, but Caitriona Balfe has revealed what she can’t wait to see in the sequel!

Season 6 from Outlander won’t happen for a while, but that doesn’t mean we’re not excited about it. There are a lot of things we hope to see in this season 6 of Outlander, but what about the cast of the show? Caitriona Balfe shared what she’s been looking forward to playing this season. His answer came during the fourth episode of Outlander End of Summer Event. She and Sam Heughan discussed what they had done during their lockdown and asked fans questions. One thing she wanted to know from Sam Heughan was what he was excited to see in season six, which led to Claire’s script.

Claire's trauma!
Claire’s trauma! – Credit (s): starz

In the Season Finale of season 5 from Outlander, the Fraser family were traumatized following the events that Claire had experienced. She was beaten and sexually assaulted by Lionel Brown and his men. Caitriona Balfe shared that something she was eager to see was how the family will come together to help Claire cope with her trauma. Almost every main character in Fraser’s Ridge has gone through some sort of trauma, whether it’s rape, near-death experiences, or even the loss of the people they love. Claire doesn’t have the problem separating Jamie and Lionel Brown, but she will have the problem of not feeling safe at home. There is also a certain time traveler who is still out there somewhere. While we wait to find out more, find out if Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe could be replaced by older actors in Outlander.


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