The opening scene of What If …? suggests that Kang the Conqueror, as the master of time, did not fully understand how the timeline and the multiverse work!

After the excellent series Loki, Disney + unveils the next show (animated this time) from Marvel Studios: What If …? here are our first impressions. The concept is simple, since the show tries to answer the question “What if?” exploring the MCU multiverse and what could have happened in place of the events well known to fans of the franchise. Very quickly, the opening scene explains to us that the variant of Kang presented in Loki, yet considered a smart and powerful version of the villain, didn’t get it all in terms of how the timeline and multiverse work. What to assume that a multiversal war is coming in the sequel to the MCU?

Kang – Credit (s): Disney +

Indeed, in Loki, He Who Remains compared the timeline of MCU to a sacred timeline. According to him, anything that happened outside that line would create a new branch with the potential to create another and so on, giving way to multiversal madness. However, as is explained in What If …?, it is in fact a prism. The prism “breaking” into several pieces and thus creating infinite chronologies, giving way to the multiverse of madness.. The fact that this variant of Kang has a poor understanding of the timeline can lead to major dysfunctions, simply opening the door to great chaos. However, we can’t wait to see the character’s upcoming appearances in MCU movies and series, rumored to be coming to The Eternals before Ant-Man 3 !

Credit: Screen Rant
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