Emily Blunt will play the very first female private investigator in a new film produced by Dwayne Johnson.

Actors Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson are currently in the theaters in the film Jungle Cruise, inspired by one of the oldest attractions in Disneyland Park. This project will not be the last to bring together the duo, since the media Deadline has announced that the two will star in another feature film, the title of which has yet to be announced. It will be produced by Dwayne johnson itself, and the rights were recently acquired by Amazon Studios. In this new movie, actress Emily Blunt will play Kate Warne, the first woman to join the American private detective agency called The Pinkerton Agency.

According to Deadline the project is a feature film mixing action and adventure, and whose plot revolves around the character of Kate Warne. Emily Blunt will thus play a woman described as a real female Sherlock Holmes, who found herself in an industry dominated by men, and whose investigative skills allowed her to forever change the way of investigating, but also to pave the way for women in the police environment. A promising scenario, on which we can not wait to have more information. For his part, Dwayne Johnson recently finished filming the highly anticipated Black adam.

Credit: Deadline, The Rock
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