Between Maeva Ghennam and Greg, nothing is going right! Yesterday for Valentine’s Day, it turns out that the pretty brunette spent the evening with Akram, her best friend and assistant. And the latter did not do things by halves, since he filled the trunk of Maeva Ghennam’s car with roses. He also gave her a watch from a major luxury brand. And that’s not all ! They then spent the night in a large hotel. And obviously, Greg didn’t like it at all. On his social networks, he then declared that it was better to be alone than in bad company! A message which is most certainly intended for Maeva Ghennam…

And Greg’s story quickly made Maeva Ghennam react. On her social networks, she then took a picture with Akram in a bed. And she writes: “We don’t give a fuck. We are together in life and in death. Only death separates us. We need no one apart from us 2 !!!!!!! And me , I am very well accompanied with my son, hihi”. You will have understood it well: if Maeva Ghennam does not quote Greg, he is more than targeted by his message! For the moment, Bebew has not reacted to the young woman’s tackle…

Maeva Ghennam and Greg, a fake couple?

Inevitably, this breakup, which occurs exactly on Valentine’s Day, revives rumors of a fake couple… For some time, rumors say that Maeva Ghennam and Greg would not really be together. He figured they’d pretend to be for TV and make the buzz. Rumors that had never been denied, or even confirmed by the two main parties. In any case, what is certain is that this break must make Mélanie Orl laugh. Moreover, the latter intends to swing on Greg and Maeva Ghennam during the broadcast of the Marseillais in Mexico … The problems are therefore far from over!


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