Julien Bert has been at the heart of many discussions for some time. His relationship with Hilonawhich we had seen partly tearing in Objective Rest of the World, made a lot of noise. Since their recent rupturethe two reality TV candidates stayed in touch. The reason ? Their dogs! Indeed, Julien Bert had explained that they were intelligent adults and that because of their dogs and their friends in common, they were obliged to continue to see each other. However, he had made things clear: the two young people are not ready to get back together. They make their life each on their side from now on.

So, Julien Bert, despite the dogs, would therefore no longer have any reason to stay in France. This is the question that many Internet users are asking themselves. During a question/answer session with an Instagram story, a subscriber asked Julien: “Are you going to Dubai too??”. Corn Hilona’s ex was very clear: he does not intend to move to Dubai, even if the temptation is strong. Indeed, he explains: “Anyone of you earning a very good living would have the opportunity to be able to leave for work to live in Dubai and be tax free, I imagine 95% of you would have done it […] In my case, too bad I pay for the other lol. Not without laughing, I simply love France and for the moment I’m still good there”.

Julien Bert will go abroad for his family?

When explaining why Julian wants to stay in France, he also informed that he would only move abroad under certain conditions. Indeed, the young man envisages one day start a family. He explains that for “issues of safety / education / experience / living environment”it would possibly be ready to live abroad. But he did not mention Dubai in this second part of the message. Julien Bert is therefore apparently not ready to move into the city of United Arab Emirateslike many other reality TV candidates such as the JLC FamilyJessica and Thibault, Nabilla or even Kamila and Noré.


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