Giuseppa released this Monday, February 14 a video with isabeau on his Youtube channel Little Giu. The opportunity for the two former Illan to explain themselves following their various altercations. But the young women were quick to get tackled by their common ex, Illan, on social networks. Indeed, the one who is nicknamed “the charo” did not hesitate to qualify Giuseppa as a person thankless during a question and answer session with his followers on Instagram. While a follower asks him “You saw the video of Giuseppa and Isabeau. Your exes are all friends”Illan simply said: “Ingratitude when you hold us”. What exactly is he referring to?

Another subscriber has requested Illan : “Giu who says don’t swallow his vomit talking about you in his last video”. What the main concerned replied, by strongly tackling the darling of paga : “Giu broke through and I’m proud of her. I didn’t do all this for nothing. She’s not really bad, she’s very smart. She managed to make it publicly assumed that she is the inspiration of someone who hates her… I am proud of my creation”. Illan would therefore insinuate that Giuseppa is there today thanks to him and that she is absolutely not not grateful. Something which, of course, did not go unnoticed by the young woman, who insisted on make things clear.

Giuseppa responds to Illan

Following the Illan tackle concerning her, Giuseppa was quick to respond to him in an Instagram story, and it’s violent ! Indeed, she states in reference to Illan’s words: “Thank you to my parents for having created me, we apologize to yours for having given birth such a jerk”. This statement is accompanied by a definition of a narcissistic pervert. For Giuseppa, Illan would therefore be a manipulator affected by narcissistic perversion. One clash which surely has not finished making noise. Paga, Giuseppa’s darling will he also react to these altercations and these remarks? As a reminder, he had already tackled Illan on his old relationship with his sweetheart.


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