If things are deteriorating at high speed between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and that the latter are waging an endless battle on social networks following their divorce, this is certainly not the case for Matt Pokora and Christina Milian. Rather discreet, the two artists lead a quiet life between Paris and Los Angeles and are today more in love than ever. You only have to see them on Instagram to understand that they are made to be together. As proof, their latest publication did not fail to crack internet users.

After having celebrated together the victory of the Los Angeles Rams during the Super Bowl this Sunday, February 13, 2022 at home with a group of friends, the two lovers found themselves as a duo for celebrate valentine’s day. For the occasion, Matt Pokora published an adorable snapshot of the couple with the caption: “Valentine. Very nice girl, I think we will have kids together” followed by a red heart. For her part, Christina has published a series of photos where she poses accompanied by her darling: “I knew the second I laid my eyes on you. I’m yours. Happily ever after my Valentine.”

Pretty declarations of love validated by Internet users

Obviously, many Internet users have not resisted the urge to leave a comment under the publications of Christina Milian and Matt Pokora as they are happy to see them flourish together: “Great couple. Be happy for a long time”, “Truly beautiful both of you”, “Happy Valentine’s Day to you both”, “You really are the cutest together”, “What a beautiful couple”, “The Dream Relationship”“You form a real and pleasant couple. I love you”, “Full of happiness to you” could we read in particular. Only good feedback that will go straight to the heart of the two main concerned.


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