Due to the coronavirus pandemic, series shooting has been delayed, but it could be that the Arrowverse and Riverdale shows may soon start shooting again!

It is a very difficult period. The coronavirus pandemic has had a terrible impact on the world and on the world of series. Many shows have been shortened and have not been able to end their adventures as they originally wanted. In addition, the actors as well as the teams are forced to prolong vacations since the virus is always present and poses many problems for the resumption of the shootings. Thus, the shows of Arrowverse and Riverdale will not be broadcast until January 2021 … For the moment, no official date has been revealed concerning the resumption of the shooting of our favorite series. However, it could be that the series Riverdale and Arrowverse like The Flash and Supergirl may resume soon, as Canada takes steps to resume entertainment production.

The resumption of filming in mid-July?

The CreativeBC division of British Columbia has published guidelines that series and films must follow if they want to start shooting again in Vancouver, where CW shows are shot. The guidelines therefore state that: “Employers are required to develop a COVID-19 safety plan that describes the policies, guidelines and procedures they have in place to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19. “. Beyond that, the border with Canada is closed until the end of June, and anyone entering Vancouver must be quarantined for 14 days, so the filming of the Arrowverse series or Riverdale will not resume for at least a few weeks at this time. However, from July 15, it is possible that the actors of the CW series will resume the direction of filming. In any case, the Arrowverse must manage many scandals with the departures of Ruby Rose and Hartley Sawyer …



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