2020 is a special year for many series! In addition to the coronavirus pandemic which has upset all calendars, some like Arrow or Supernatural have bowed out!

It is a year rich in emotion for all serevores. The last few months have seen many twists and turns. The coronavirus pandemic has forced many shows to stop filming, reducing the current seasons and delaying the broadcast of the next ones. In any case, many series have still dazzled us. Once again, the 2020 World Cup Series competition is raging on melty and many of you are mobilizing to allow your favorite show to qualify for the next stage. Which series deserves to win? Who could dethrone Stranger Things in 2020? Some series left us in 2020 and could thus claim the title of best show of the year in order to pay him a final tribute.. Arrow, The 100 or supernatural do they have a chance to win the coveted title? You decide and you have until 23:59 tomorrow to make a difference by voting HERE.


Goodbye Oliver!
Goodbye Oliver! – Credit (s): The CW

It was heartbreaking for all fans of the hero. After eight seasons of loyal service, Arrow bowed out last January. The series ended with the funeral of Oliver Queen after her sacrifice to save the multiverse in “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. Finally, the hero had the right to a happy-ending since he found Felicity in the afterlife! Could Arrow claim the title of best series of 2020?

The 100

To win ...
To win … – Credit (s): The CW

The end of The 100 is imminent. Season 7 of this now legendary series will mark the ultimate adventures of Clarke and the other survivors of Earth. After so many years spent alongside this far from irreproachable band, one wonders how the series will end! Clarke, Bellamy and the others will they have the right to a semblance happy-ending ?


A page turns !
A page turns ! – Credit (s): the cw

There are only seven episodes left to savor before the final episode of supernatural. After an interruption due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Winchester brothers will return on October 8 and bid farewell on November 19… Take out the handkerchiefs, this ending should return you!

13 Reasons Why

Good luck!
Good luck! – Credit (s): netflix

After four seasons, Netflix has decided to cancel 13 Reasons Why. This drama series with many controversies has upset many serevores. The final episodes were released on June 5 on the streaming platform and gave chills to all fans. This series will still have marked the spirits.

The New Adventures of Sabrina

Bye Sabrina Spellman!
Bye Sabrina Spellman! – Credit (s): netflix

We will have to say goodbye to the Spellman family, their house was demolished after the filming of the Final Series of The New Adventures of Sabrina! This dark series taken from the Archie Comics universe was canceled by Netflix after season 4. If for the moment, no release date has yet been revealed, the final episodes should still be available before the end of the season. year 2020.

How to Get Away with Murder

Normal … – Credit (s): abc

Even if How to Get Away with Murder is not part of the 2020 Series World Cup competition, we had to talk about it... After six years of murder, betrayal and lies, the series ended on a high note for its heroine, Annalize Keating, which was far from the case for some of her students …

Katy keene

Only one season ...
Only one season … – Credit (s): The CW

As How to Get Away with Murder, Katy Keene doesn’t claim the title of Best Series of 2020, however, she passed away this year as well. After only one season, the CW has decided to cancel this series with a joyful, dreamy and optimistic atmosphere! A disappointment for all fans of the Archie Comics universe, especially with the cancellation of New Adventures of Sabrina the same year !


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