Will The Walking Dead franchise get even bigger?

While several series are fighting on the occasion of the World Series Cup – which you can vote for every day right here – AMC continues to tease an ever larger universe of zombies. Even if The Walking Dead will end with its eleventh season, the franchise is not about to leave the small screen and after the announcement of 2 new spin-offs, we wonder if others will follow. In a recent interview, actress Lauren Cohan – who plays Maggie Rhee – indeed spoke about all the possibilities for spin-offs that stem from the main series.

Maggie – Credit (s): amc

“People are still very demanding about The Walking Dead universe, so it’s pretty awesome in terms of possible spin-offs. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to talk about it yet.”. The fact that Lauren Cohan is so excited about spinoff series might indicate that after Daryl and Carol, it will soon be Maggie’s turn to get her own series. His departure from Hilltop and the many years she has lived with Georgie leaves the door wide open anyway, but that is not the only possibility. It could indeed be that an episode of Tales of the Walking Dead be dedicated to Maggie and Hershel, and what they experienced away from the group. In any case, something tells us that AMC is not about to stop and while waiting for the next news, Lauren Cohan also confided on the 6 bonus episodes of season 10 of The Walking Dead and the end from the Serie.


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