After several cancellations, it is the turn of the series, Altered Carbon, to suffer the same fate as some Netflix shows.

Sad news for Netflix subscribers. While the streaming platform shocked fans by canceling two series including one that had just been renewed, Deadline teaches us today thatAltered Carbon will suffer the same consequences as The Society and that’I am Not Okay With This. If the impact of the Covid is to be noted concerning these two shows, “Netflix’s decision not to continue with other seasons regarding the sci-fi series was made in April and is not related to the coronavirus outbreak, but stems from the standard hearing review process versus cost renewal ” explains the press release.

Anthony Mackie in season 2 of Altered Carbon.
Anthony Mackie in season 2 of Altered Carbon. – Credit (s): Netflix

A statement that lets us think that the second burst of episodes with Anthony mackie (Avengers: Endgame) failed to convince subscribers. Altered Carbon had yet been renewed for a season 2 last year, the interpreter of the Falcon at Marvel having succeeded Joel Kinnaman (Suicide Squad) as Takeshi Kovacs. Based on the 2002 novel written by Richard Morgan, the series had also benefited from the investment of Netflix, the anime Altered Carbon: Resleeved having been added to the streaming service this year. If it is therefore to be believed that the efforts of the platform will not have been enough to maintain the interest around this sci-fi universe, the most fervent series fans will still be able to take comfort and defend their favorite shows by voting every day for the World Cup series on Melty!


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