Tiffany from The Battle of Couples 3 is very simple on Instagram but also on television and Internet users validate thoroughly.

Melanight and Romain soon to be married? She dropped a big clue that says it all. Tiffany also is very much in love with Raphaël Pépin, with whom she joined the cast of The battle of the couples 3. In this adventure, the young woman feels like a fish in water, given that she has already known much worse in participating in Koh Lanta. On screen, the pretty blonde does not take the lead, just like on social networks, where she is always very simple and natural. Moreover, in the comments of a photo published on her Instagram account on September 2, 2021 on the occasion of the start of the school year, Internet users once again complimented her for that …

“I love Tiffany because she accepts herself as she is, she doesn’t need to rebuild her ass or her breasts to find herself pretty. Really a great example of self-confidence!”, “She’s really the most awesome, the most comfortable in her skin, the most in love. They are a very close couple. Congratulations”, “For me she’s the prettiest girl on reality TV because she hasn’t been redone and she’s simple”, “Beautiful naturally”, “The most beautiful and the most natural” they wrote to the candidate, who must be delighted … In the rest of the news, have Sarah Fraisou and Melanight reconciled since The Battle of Couples 3? We have the answer.

Credit: Instagram @tiffanyk
Other files: Holidays of the Angels 4


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