Will Julia Paredes return to Dubai soon? The candidate of the Moms and Famous show gave the answer.

Julia Paredes has resumed filming of the Moms and Famous show and Internet users have made a very special request to her. The young woman has become one of the favorite candidates of viewers thanks to the TFX program, which allows you to discover her life as a mother. And the new season, which will be broadcast from September 13, 2021, will be an opportunity to learn more about her youngest, Vittorio, who was born on June 25, 2021. For her childbirth, Julia paredes had also returned to France so that her family could be with her. However, has the latter planned to return soon to Dubai, where she had settled with her ex-husband Maxime Parisi? She gave the answer …

On September 2, 2021, the mother posted a photo of her and her children on Instagram and wrote: “I hope that your children’s return has gone well and that you haven’t cried too much. No return for us this morning, Loulou has his return on September 12 in Dubai this year”. In addition to this information, in the comments, Julia Paredes confirmed that she will be leaving in a few days.. Internet users therefore wished him a safe return and a very good return … For her part, Maëva Martinez, who is a mother, has made big confidences on this role which has changed her life.

Credit: Instagram @julia_paredes_off
Other files: Julia paredes


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