In these photos, the reboot of Gossip Girl pays tribute to the legendary Serena van der Woodsen.

The best soups are made in old pots! Indeed, while the reboot of the mythical series Gossip Girl is currently in preparation at HBO Max, the first details of the plot are unveiling little by little. Moreover, for a few days, new photos of the cast working on the set have been leaking on social networks. Photos that give you a first glimpse of what fans can expect from the start. It must be said that by choosing to dust off and bring up to date the mythical Upper East Side teen-series with the help of a new cast, the channel is eagerly awaited around the corner!

At the start of the week, it’s the preppy and glamorous style of the new students of Gossip Girl which was revealed in image. Today, it’s the pictures of the famous American ex-baby blogger Tavi gevinson on the set of the series that caught the attention of serivores. And for good reason, above the young woman wears a brown jacket over a striped t-shirt and a scarf tied around her neck. A look that is strangely reminiscent of the iconic outfit of Serena van der Woodsen worn in the first episode of the original show. It was Internet user BlackCytra who spotted this funny wink, as she pointed out on Twitter: “The new generation is clearly influenced by the iconic New York It-Girls! “. A beautiful tribute which, we hope, will be the first in a long series!


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