In the new Arrowverse spin-off, Superman and Lois will be back in the legendary town of Smallville and the showrunner has revealed the reason!

When Superman and Lois make their CW debut in 2021, the highly anticipated new Arrowverse series won’t find the Man of Steel and his wife Lois Lane in iconic Metropolis. Instead, the series will see the Kents return to Smallville with their two sons.. It’s a big change for beloved DC Comics characters, but it’s a change that showrunner Todd Helbing says comes from a very authentic place, grounded in real life. During the DC FanDome’s Superman and Lois panel last weekend, Todd Helbing explained that sending Lois and Clark back to Smallville has to do with the idea of ​​a dying small town as well as the need to come home sometimes. after a tragedy.

The showrunner of Superman and Lois found : “The Superman story has been set in Metropolis for a very long time. Obviously there was the Smallville series. But I’m from a small town in the Midwest, and the town I grew up in had a business leave that kind of affected everyone in town, and the town started to slowly dry up. And that was very common with recent events after 2008. We want to tell a story where you have parents, after this tragic event go back to Smallville and really find out that raising kids maybe is easier. in a place where life is not so hectic. “. Will this Arrowverse series make any reference to Smallville? In any case, this new spin-off promises to be exciting!


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