You may not know it, but Jesse Williams has changed a lot since he was a teenager. Quickly discover the photos of his youth which may surprise you!

Before becoming the essential Doctor Jackson Avery in the medical series Grey’s Anatomy, Jesse Williams who is at the head of a beautiful fortune, was a teenager like the others. Like Mr. Everybody, the American actor has also gone through all hair styles and some are more unexpected than ever. What is certain is that he has changed a lot since his youthful years! You probably didn’t know it but the comedian had dreadlocks as a teenager. At the time, the beautiful 39-year-old did not hide his passion for the Jamaican singer Bob Marley. But that’s not the only style he’s sported.

Before having a shaved head, which is now his signature hairstyle, Jesse williams had a sublime afro cut when he was younger. Hair as dense as it was voluminous which suited her perfectly. In any case, many Internet users complimented him by discovering the existence of these clichés. For the little anecdote, these famous photos of the actor were found in a psychology book for students, in which he had posed. A find that will not fail to amaze more than one. And for even more surprises, check out the massive Jesse Williams tattoo.


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