Illan tackled Simon on social media. And below, we let you discover its publication.

In the last episode of Objectif Rest of the World, Illan and Simon had a huge clash. Since they met on the show, it’s clearly war between them. Moreover, Simon recently decided to explain his strained relationship with Illan. He stated : “I read that I have an inferiority complex in relation to Illan, that I go after him, that I take too much confidence. You have to understand that at this period in ORDM, I am very in love with Giuseppa and Illan kept whispering in my ear that she had no heart and other harsher things. I told myself it was because he had a bit of hatred. “ For his part, Illan decided to tackle his comrade on Instagram …

Illan's story
Illan’s story – Credit (s): Instagram illancto

As you had chance to see, a net surfer tackled Simon implying that he was a worse version of Illan. And the latter did not fail to share this post on his Instagram story. It only remains to know if the son of Benjamin Castaldi will answer him or not … In any case what is certain is that he is far from giving way! And facing Illan, he is far from having his tongue in his pocket. Moreover, since the shooting of Objectif Reste du Monde, Simon and Illan have not stopped clashing through social networks. In addition, know that Adixia and Anthony Alcaraz want to make a collaboration.

Credits: Instagram illancto
Other files: Objective Rest of the World


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