Season 2 of Dead to Me has introduced a new couple and it has a special feature.

Dead to Me season 2 has been available on Netflix for a while now and we always recommend that you take a look at it if you are in need of series. The new episodes of the Liz Feldman series are always as successful, with a good dose of humor, tension and suspense. Watch out for spoilers in what follows. In addition to a new murder to cover, the shock team formed by Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini) also met new people, and in particular Michelle, talented chef played by Natalie Morales. The current flows very quickly and very well between Judy and Michelle who officially get together in mid-season.

Dead to Me season 2 on Netflix: The showrunneuse returns to the peculiarity of the lesbian relationship of the new episodes 1

So far nothing abnormal, and precisely what strikes most in the relationship between Judy and Michelle is the fact that it is literally never approached as being a lesbian relationship. A completely voluntary detail from Liz Feldman. “The fact that we didn’t make a fuss about it is absolutely wanted. As a lesbian who has been writing for a long time, I have already had the opportunity to tell coming out stories. And there I wanted to see another version, a version where it is not important because for me it is not. It was refreshing for me to talk about a relationship between two women in a completely normal way “.


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An idealistic way of looking at things that places Season 2 of Dead to Me in a world where people finally let everyone love whoever they want. Liz Feldman is well aware of this. “In the other series when a woman starts dating a man, she doesn’t need to have a conversation with her best friend in fashion.” I have to tell you something. I like guys. ” Sometimes it happens that a woman falls in love with another woman it’s just like that. I know it’s a bit idealistic but I think we are getting there gradually. I just wanted to help a little bit so we can get there faster “. What hope that others will take example, whether in fiction or in reality!



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