Don’t have anything to listen to anymore? Don’t panic, it’s time for the playlist of the week!

While the Little Mix have just made their comeback with the music video for “Holiday”, it’s time for the playlist of the week! Yes, we are all a little short of inspiration when the weekend arrives and this little musical selection falls perfectly! Concocted with love by the melty team, we reveal our favorites of the week with 100% new! So what are the little nuggets that we’re going to listen to on a loop over the next few days? It’s time to reveal everything. Turn up the sound, here we go!

Between the Marshmello and Demi Lovato collaboration, David Guetta and Sia’s collaboration on “Let’s love” or the new title of Camelia Jordana “Silence” that sends heavy, “Oh my gawd” Mr. Easi, Major Lazer, Nicki Minaj and K4mo, the new title of Alicia Keys “Love Looks Better”… There is something for everyone, it’s impossible not to find happiness! So, what do you think of this playlist? Not bad to get excited over the next few days, right? Otherwise, in the rest of the musical news, we take stock of the documentary Netflix of Gims that arrives very soon!


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