The music video for Lady Gaga ‘911’ has just been released and you should not miss…

The summer of 2020 will have seen its share of hits with Aya Nakamura, Hatik, Megan Thee Stallion, 13’Organized… Let’s take stock! Lady Gaga meanwhile just hit a big blow with the release of the music video “911” ! This video, presented as a short film, features the pop star in an incroyabe setting reminiscent of that of “Judas”. We find her in a desert, then in a small church with several characters all more mysterious than the others… Everything is pretty blurry, but everything becomes clear at the end of the mini-movie. We let you find out all this and talk about it right after?

Lady Gaga spoke via her official Instagram account to explain what she wanted to tell with this brand new clip: “This short film touches me personally, but also my experience on mental health issues and how reality and dreams can come to create heroes all around us” We are of course waiting for your feedback on this new nugget of Gaga that proves that the Chromatica era is a total success! Otherwise, in the rest of the music news, we take stock of the new releases this week with our special playlist … You’re going to love it!


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