We’ve listed the summer 2020 hits on which we’ve all been adbian!

Recently we offered you to discover the Billboard chart of the week with Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion Big Sean Taylor Swift etc and we meet you today to talk about the hits of the summer. With the confinement, the artists were able to focus on their music and the least we can say is that they were generous! We got the right to nuggets: “Jolie Nana” d’Aya Nakamura, “Rain on me” by Lady Gaga ft Ariana Grande . If you’re the nostalgic type, you can’t believe it’s September and already at the end of the year, we’re offering you to rediscover the music we’ve all been around this summer. Come on, connect your air pods and do your best chores!

Master KG – Jerusalema

Either you learned the chore, or you know the chorus by heart but obliged you listened “Jerusalema” all summer. At melty in any case we liked this sound, it puts us directly in a good mood!

Aya Nakamura – Jolie Nana

Ahhh, we’ve all been waiting for Aya’s comeback for a while and, to say the least, she’s enjoying us this summer with “Pretty chick.” We don’t know you, but we’ve been bleeding him all summer!

13’Organized – Organized Band

“Yes my spoiled”. Jul surprised everyone with the “13’Organized”. The rapper created this collective 100% Marseille a few months ago and they convinced us all with “Organized band” whose clip is approaching 50 million views in less than a month. !

Karol G ft Nicki Minaj – Tusa

This title is a real hit! The duo formed by Karol G and Nicki Minaj put everyone in agreement to such an extent that the two artists remained at the top of the Billboard chart for a long time.

Lady Gaga ft Ariana Grande – Rain on me

When the tracklist from Gaga’s album leaked, everyone was waiting for one thing: to be able to listen to the featuring with Ariana Grande. Proof, this is the best start of Lady Gaga’s career on Spotify with 10.1 million listens for her first day! And the rest you know: we bled it all summer.

Hatik – Angela

Following the series Validated released during confinement, rapper Hatik was a real success. So much so that his fans blew up the streams of his mixtape “Pliante Chair” which contains the famous title: “Angela”.

Bosh – Djomb

He too exploded following Validé and especially with his album “Synkinisi” where Bosh put everyone in agreement. And there’s a piece of the project that’s been particularly attention-stained… It was “Djomb”. It’s simple, if you didn’t hear it this summer it’s because you were at the bottom of a cave!

Black Eyed Peas – Mamacita

Admit it, you too by simply reading the title you had the chorus in mind! This sound has been around all summer and we can officially say that it is part of the hits of the summer season 2020.

Megan Thee Stallion – Savage

The American singer did not need Beyoncé to hit the headline but it must be admitted that their remix is up to the task! In any case if by, we do not know what chance, you did not hear this title during the summer, you necessarily saw the choreography turn on Tik Tok.

Jul – Italia

Well yes how can we draw up the list of tubes of summer 2020 without putting Jul: IMPOSSIBLE. The UFO has once again demonstrated that he is the king of rap game at the moment since his album “The Machidon’t” was a hit. PS: It is still one of the best sellers in France when it was released in June!


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