The Arrowverse faces many crises … Could this lead to the cancellation of the next crossover between DC Comics shows?

The Arrowverse teams did not expect to live such a complicated period … Between the coronavirus pandemic which forced series productions to be interrupted and to delay filming for the coming seasons, the Arrowverse must also face scandals. Several days ago, Ruby Rose announced that she was leaving Batwoman after only one season and showrunners must therefore find a way to replace this emblematic character. Meanwhile, Hartley Sawyer was kicked out of The Flash series on Tuesday after old tweets resurfaced. Good that the CW has planned to have a crossover between Batwoman and Superman and Lois next year, recent changes to the Arrowverse could make this unlikely …

No new Arrowverse crossover?

The next crossover envisaged by the CW was much less impressive and was to occur between shows Batwoman and Superman and Lois, although other characters from the Arrowverse were expected. Unfortunately, recent changes in the cast and premises of Batwoman made this scenario potentially problematic … As it stands, Batwoman and Superman and Lois don’t make sense to cross paths. The two heroes only really interacted during “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, and the only reason they should interact in this crossover might be to search for Bruce Wayne … However, with the arrival of a whole another character to take over the Batwoman costume, there will no longer be a link between the heroes. The future of this next Arrowverse crossover is therefore in abeyance!



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