Drake and Ariana Grande featuring? This is the news of the moment and we try to see more clearly …

While Damso has just announced the release date of QALF (and we have the news), another information has made a lot of noise lately on social networks! After Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Future, Lizzo or Mika, the queen of pop would have been in discussions with Drake and his teams to work on a brand new featuring. You can imagine that this rumor has ignited the respective fanbases of the two artists… But today, one of Drake’s producers just took to Instagram to get the whole thing out of the way. You’ll see, it’s clear and precise!

It was the American media outlet Pop Crave who collected the statements of the producer of Drake that he made via Instagram : “I have no information about the Drakiana collab… I do not know which media has released this rumor but please do not believe everything that is said on the internet and all the false rumors that are shared there … It’s just to be clear, so the fans won’t be disappointed and you leave my comments in peace! Honestly Snaz” To be clear, it’s clear! Otherwise, in the rest of the music news, the Little Mixes make their comeback with Holiday and they turn into sirens in the clip!


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