After several months of waiting, it’s time to review Damso’s album QALF.

Recently we offered you to discover our playlist of the week’s new releases with Damso Justin Bieber and Chance The Rapper Alicia Keys Bosh and many other artists and we will now take a closer look at the first! After months and months of teasing, the Belgian rapper has finally unveiled his album “QALF” Friday, September 18. It contains: 14 pieces of which 3 featuring with HallLous and The Yakuza and Fally Ipupa. Like many of you, at the melty editor we were eagerly awaiting this project and you were criticized just below.

The album starts on “MEVTR” a rhythmic track with African sounds on which Damso starts rapping at 00:50. We’re going on to “LIFE LIFE” a rather dark sound where the rapper clearly says “f-ck” to this life. “Two sea paintings” is one of our favorite tracks from the album. Cut into two parts, the artist confides in his personal life and can even hear a message recorded by his son. Then we discover “SENTIMENTAL” which is also one of our favorite titles. There is room for the interlude that leads us to “BXL ZOO” The feat with Hamza. A drill title as we love them: we are convinced!

The register is completely changed “HEART IN CRUMBS” the feat with Lous And The Yakuza. Behind, a new change of mood with “FOR THE MONEY” a rhythmic piece, which changes from the previous one. We’re going on to “BPM” another of our favorite sounds, then “D’JA ROULE” . Then in “911” the rapper talks about love on sounds from the 80s/90s. Then we discover the piece “DO IT RIGHT” with Fally Ipupa and “ROSE MARTHA’S LOVE” in which Damso declares his love to his mother. And we end up on“INTRO” where you feel like you’re finding the artist. So we’re obviously a little hungry, but the rapper posted in his instagram story “It’s not over”. There is every reason to believe that “QALF” will be a double album and that the sequel will arrive soon!


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