Tracklist, release, featuring with Dadju… We have all the info on Versus chapter 2 of Slimane and Vitaa!

This is the announcement of the moment: Damso has just unveiled the release date of QALF! And that’s not all since the duo Vitaa / Slimane has also just unveiled details on Versus: Volume 2! After the Versus box office, they created 10 new titles, one featuring with Dadju. That’s a promise! The first extract “I’ll be fine” is already a success… To listen to all these songs, you will have to wait until Friday, October 2nd! Otherwise, in the rest of the music news, Drake’s producer finally responds to the rumor of the possible feat between the rapper and Ariana Grande!

Vitaa and Slimane
Vitaa and Slimane — Credit: Getty Images

Versus Tracklist: Chapter 2

  • I’ll be fine.
  • The scene
  • I’ve got you
  • You’re letting me do it. Dadju
  • It hurts
  • Gold
  • Unbearable
  • I’m moving on.
  • Stone heart
  • We’ll see each other again.


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