During a press conference organized at the Francofolies 2019, Angèle confided in the difficulties of her profession as a singer.

Angèle has been validated by an immense international star, not surprising when you know the success that this Belgian artist meets. Thanks to its tubes “To forget everything” or “Balance your what”, his first album entitled Brol has sold more than 300,000 copies in France, enough to make the 23-year-old young woman a superstar. A whirlwind that somewhat disturbed the singer, who said during a press conference organized at Francofolies 2019: “The year was very intense. I released my album, there were a lot of requests, concerts … There were also times when I asked myself quite a few questions about all this “.

Not easy to be in the spotlight overnight, even if Angela don’t really complain as reported France Evening or RTL : “Everyone is asking me if I’m holding on, like my job is very hard. But it’s a job that I like, that I chose. And it turns out that it works. So all that remains enough pleasant”, adding all the same: “Where it gets a little hard is when there is fatigue, more mental than physical for that matter”. It must be said that the interpreter of “Blurry” follows the performances since the release of his opus in October 2018: “Being on stage often means being in good shape every time and I am not always so. Walking on the street makes me smile with people, but I am not always” she explains before concluding: “Sometimes it’s a bit dehumanizing, you expect an artist to be constantly able to do his job, while outside of time, I remain a human being. But that’s also what makes I fill rooms, so I avoid complaining “… In the rest of the music news, Maître Gims and Sting shot the video for “Rest” in the Lyon metro.


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