Is Ahmed in a relationship with a candidate of the Princes and Princesses of love 3? Information has just fallen and we tell you about it in this article.

Sarah Fraisou has just revealed to be very happy with Oussama during a moment when she gave herself open hearted to her subscribers on social networks. If the young woman seems to have managed to turn the page of her love affair with Ahmed, this also seems to be the case for the candidate of The Villa of Broken Hearts 6. Indeed, since the announcement of their divorce, many rumors announce the candidate close to several young women. At first, he appeared alongside Lila, a candidate for the show. Objective Rest of the World. Subsequently, some bloggers including aqababe revealed that Ahmed was in a relationship with Mymy, a young woman living in Dubai, followed by more than 21,000 followers on Instagram. But this romance did not last since a few days ago, Ahmed showed himself very close to Inès Lee, Sarah Fraisou’s worst enemy.

Ahmed and DIta would get closer
Ahmed and DIta would get closer – Credit (s):

And while many Internet users were wondering if they were going to get into a relationship, finally, the young man would have set his sights on another reality TV candidate. Based on Instagram account information zohra.pookie, Sarah Fraisou’s ex-husband would get closer to Said, a young woman who recently participated in Princes and Princesses of love 3 and to 10 perfect couples 4. The blogger explained: “Ahmed and Dita are getting closer. A source told me yesterday either that they were together at the Gypsi Motel (…). They were very close and apparently they were holding hands etc”. Then, she clarified: “It’s not the first time. About three days ago they were clubbing together and they also follow each other on social networks”. But then, are the two candidates a couple or about to be? Or are they just friends? While waiting to know more, discover the message of Shanna Kress in which she makes a declaration of love to Jonathan Matijas while tackling her ex Thibault Garcia.

Credits: Instagram: zohra.pookie
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