Is Adele about to release a new album in 2020? His entourage made some confessions.

Adele has been very thin lately, which worries her fans. However, the young woman of 31 years would be more fulfilled than ever and in good health. A happiness that she probably owes to her son Angelo but also to the fact that she gave herself a well-deserved break since the release of her last album 25 in 2015. Now, she could come back stronger than ever with a new album, as a rumor already said at the end of 2019. Even if nothing is official, the entourage of the singer made some confessions which gave hope to the many fans of the interpreter of “Someone Like You”

Jonathan Dickins, the manager ofAdele and Lucy Dickins, her agent who followed her on her 2017 tour, we made some revelations on January 18 about the next superstar disc. Questioned by Music Week, Jonathan replied: “The earliest would be best !”. With this little phrase, speculation has spread even more on social networks … For her part, Adele, whose reasons for her impressive weight loss are known, remains silent and posts absolutely nothing, enough to maintain the mystery around everything he has been saying about him in recent months … We will therefore have to wait a little longer before a possible musical comeback.


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