Very happy to have had the chance to work with Melissa Benoist, these words of Stephen Amell towards him will certainly delight fans.


Friendships between series stars are not uncommon, quite the contrary. The proof with the tender declarations of Grant Gustin on his co-star Melissa Benoist with whom he was delighted to work, confidences of which the fans are always very fond. The actress may maintain a nice friendly relationship with the actor of The Flash, she is also very close to Stephen Amell with whom she had collaborated a few years ago. Just like Grant Gustin, the latter has only fond memories of his moments spent on the set of Crisis on Earth-X with Melissa Benoist and this adorable message is proof of that.

In 2017 on his Twitter account, Stephen Amell had thus said: Working with Melissa Benoist and getting to know her better was probably my favorite thing about #CrisisOnEarthX. She is captain of a very good ship “. Obviously, this tender message about his co-star had not gone unnoticed and the fans had responded in droves: “You’re right!”, “You tell us what was the most hilarious moment with her on the set?”, “She is undoubtedly the cutest person on this planet”. A few words that must have made the main person blush! Still on the subject of Stephen Amell, be aware that the actor revealed that he was paid less than his co-stars during part of the shooting of Arrow.


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