Worrisome but true. Allison Mack attempted to enlist Emma Watson into her sex sect and this is how she did it.

Very far from his image of “good friend” in Smallville, Allison Mack was accused of recruiting sex slaves for the NXIUM sect in 2018. Associated with guru Keith Raniere two years ago, the actress used her reputation to attract vulnerable women to the secret group DOS (Dominus Obsequious Sororium ) in order to satisfy the wishes of its leader. Followers were then threatened, abused, hungry and constantly mistreated. More sordid revelations than ever. At the time, the actress had also tried to attract Emma Watson in her sexual cult. How? ‘Or’ What ? By sending him messages on Twitter. “Emma, ​​I’m an actress like you and I’m part of an incredible movement of women that you should appreciate. I’d love to talk about it if you’re up for it” had she written to the star of the saga Harry potter in a tweet posted in January 2016.

Faced with Emma Watson’s silence, Allison Mack returned to the charge a month later declaring: “Emma, ​​I’m part of a unique women’s and human development movement I’d like to talk to you about. As a fellow actress, I really identify with your vision and what you hope for the world. I think we could work together. Tell me if you’re ready to chat. “ Again, the actress went one step further by sharing yet another message on March 8, International Women’s Rights Day: “Emma, ​​thank you for your work! I would love to chat with a friend who wants to change the world!” Tweets that are cold today. Fortunately, they all went unanswered. And for even more news on the subject, discover why Allison Mack is still not in prison despite her arrest for sex trafficking.


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