HBO has planned (very) big for the launch of the spin-off inspired by the universe of Game of Thrones!

This is news that delighted fans of the series Game Of Thrones ! In October 2019, HBO announced the launch of a spin-off inspired by the world of Maison Targaryen and entitled House of The Dragon. A prequel entirely focused on the ancestors of the Mother of Dragons, 300 years before the arrival of events we already know, and which will draw its source from the work of George R.R Martin prenamed Fire and blood. A boon therefore for all the nostalgic serivores of the adventures of Daenerys and the others. Especially that to better seduce them, the firm decided to put small dishes in the big!

The HBO House of The Dragon spin-off

Indeed, as revealed by the vice-president of the chain Francesca Orsi, HBO is ready to put (really) a lot of money in this new pharaonic project: $ 50 million a season is not enough for what we want to do. We think big!. Dazzling figures when you know that when it was launched in 2011, the very first season of Game Of Thrones cost approximately $ 6 million per episode compared to $ 15 million for the last. Besides, if season 7 with 100 million dollars in total on the meter has meanwhile, won the record for the most expensive series of all time, it would seem that House of The Dragon be well on your way to take the lead. A colossal investment certainly but which will undoubtedly pay off. And for good reason, according to the New york times, franchise Game Of Thrones grossed no less than a billion dollars to the firm each year. If the spin-off follows in the footsteps of its elder, then it is the jackpot guaranteed! Until we find out more, check out this one-second video per episode that sums up the series perfectly Game Of Thrones.



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