According to the confidences of a Buffy actor against vampires, David Boreanaz and Sarah Michelle Gellar were most certainly in a relationship!

If we know that Sarah Michelle Gellar was relieved that Buffy against the vampires ends, the fans would have loved that the seasons are linked. And for good reason, the series marked an entire generation with its ultra heroine badass and feminist. Even today, the program is cult. But a question continues to trot in the minds of the most curious. Did the actress live a secret idyll with her co-star David Boreanaz aka the unforgettable Angel? At the time, the two game partners appeared ultra close outside the film sets. A complicity that made people talk! And to believe the words of a show actor, there was possibly love in the air between these two.

Buffy’s cast against vampires

It was during a panel in Michigan that Nicholas Brendon had made revelations. A member of the public asked him if certain stars of Buffy the Vampire Slayer had met in real life, to which Alexander’s interpreter had replied: “Do some of the actors in the series have alchemy on the screen? Then you have your answer.” A vague answer but which had put the chip in the ear of the fans because of the alchemy as crazy as undeniable between Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz. So was it a way for the actor to subtly confirm their romance? We let you judge! However, be aware that Sarah Michelle Gellar had already responded in a very cash manner to the rumor concerning her alleged couple with David Boreanaz.


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