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The White Lotus season 3 is slow to see the light of day. The excellent American series, a biting satire of the above-ground bourgeoisie, was entitled to two very good seasons in 2020 and 2022. But, unfortunately for HBOthe broadcast channel, and the fans of the show, the screenwriters’ strikes then that of the actors in Hollywood have been there. The third season of The White Lotus nevertheless begins to take shape little by little. We take stock.

Fact, Mike Whitecreator of The White Lotushas already expressed the desire to put the theme “of death within religion” in the future season 3 of his series. The reason ? The first was about money and the second was about sexuality. Logic ! Money, sex, death… Or the Holy Trinity of existence. And the golden triangle of the WASP and more generally American bourgeoisie. If, for the moment, we don’t know much about the story, we nevertheless know that the production decided to put down its suitcases – and its cameras – in Thailand. A country rich in beliefs, spirituality and in ghosts !

The White Lotus: filming of the series begins soon

Thus, the filming of season 3 of The White Lotus should begin in the land of smiles, as Thailand is nicknamed, in February 2024. A date that is ultimately not so distant. Obviously, like the two previous seasons, we will follow the dilapidated itineraries of a handful of well-off people on vacation in a luxury hotel. As we speak, production is casting for 13 new roles, including nine main characters, aged between 18 and 80.. As in the other episodes, we will be entitled to archetypal characters : patriarch, CEO, actress, couple, etc… The main character of seasons 1 and 2 of The White Lotus was Tanyabrilliantly embodied on screen by the veteran Jennifer Coolidge. The disappearance of Tanya in the deadly finale of season 2 does not really suggest a return of the flagship character in season 3. But Mike White has already chosen the recurring character to return in the future season. This is Belinda Lindsey, spa director in season 1 played by Natasha Rothwell. A secondary female character, less cruel and less stupid than the others, who will become themain heroine from season 3 of The White Lotus. However, fans will have to be patient because HBO has postponed the broadcast of the sequel to 2025! We can’t bring ONLY good news.

White Lotus: when will season 3 of the biting and crazy series be released? Follow us

White Lotus is a recent series created by the American channel HBO. A satire on the bourgeoisie modern American that shoots red bullets at small and big cross of its very archetypal characters. For the moment, White Lotus has two (very good) seasons under its belt, released in 2021 and 2022. But season 3 is still awaited. And, bad news, she’s not going to show up anytime soon. Explanations…

In fact, the recent screenwriters strike in Hollywood has seriously delayed many productions, both cinematographic and television. Thus, season 3 of White Lotus should not be released before 2025 as told by our colleagues at Télé Star. Effectively, Casey BloysCEO of HBO, confided this fateful date in an interview with Variety. Normally, season 3 of White Lotus was scheduled for 2024.

White Lotus : season 3 should address the theme of death

Mike Whitecreator of White Lotusgave Variety a bit of a crack at the future season 3 of the series biting And crossed out. “The first season focused on money, the second on sex…”, details the showrunner in the American media. “The third, I think, will be a satirical and funny look at death within religion. And more broadly Western spirituality.” We therefore hope that Jennifer Coolidgethe flagship interpreter of Tanyathe only character who appears in the first two seasons of White Lotus, will return in the form of ghost in the third. Indeed, she dies on screen during the semi-brutal, semi-grand guignolesque finale of season 2. Off the coast of Sicily after an incredible confrontation, of which only she has the secret, with mafiosi on a boat. We can well imagine the priceless Tanya coming back to haunt new characters in season 3 of White Lotus. Answer in 2025?