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Shemar Moore never left the role of Sergeant Dan Harrelson in SWAT since 2017. The American actor featured in series as famous asCriminal minds And The Young and the Restless is not yet finished with the detective series created by the Shawn Ryan tandem (Night Agentavailable on Netflix) and Aaron Rahsaan Thomas (Friday Night Lights). The streaming platform Prime Video has in fact put the fifth season of the show onlinewhile the CBS channel (its broadcaster in the United States) recently announced its termination at the end of a sixth and final burst of episodes due to budgetary restrictions.

According to the only official synopsis available at the moment, season 5 of SWAT will show Hondo “put on your hero costume to help a mother and her daughter threatened by a local mafioso. He only wanted peace and quiet, but he’s going to start a storm.”. The ex-Marine will not yet be able to rest on his laurels, to the delight of fans. However, we must prepare to say our goodbyes, which we particularly regret the tireless Shemar Mooreas he suggested on Instagram shortly after learning the bad news announced last May.

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This rant from Shemar Moore

On May 6, Shemar Moore reacted to CBS’s decision in a video posted on his Instagram account. “CBS, when I was hired to be Hondo in SWAT, received a lot of criticism for its lack of diversity. If I post this video, and I think I do, I will get in a lot of trouble with CBS because I denounce them. Because they have been wonderful to me for 26 of my 29-year career. But being abruptly told that the series is canceledwhen you made us believe last week – and the week before, and the week before that – that we would have a semblance of season 7 to at least say goodbye… So that we are suddenly told: ‘It’s finish’“, blurted out the actor, before saying: ” In my opinion, it’s not acceptable. I will get through this, but I’m upset because I worked like crazy to prove that I could do it, and I proved that I could do it.”.

SWAT: how fans managed to save the series Follow us

THE fans sometimes have considerable impact and conviction. Even more so, perhaps, in the age of social networks. Take SWAT. The muscular series carried in particular by Shemar “gueule d’a…” Moore was saved by its spectators. At least for one final season. Explanations…

In fact, in May 2023, the American channel CBS suddenly announced that it would end the programming of SWAT. A spontaneous announcement, unexpected even, against which Shemar Moore had pushed a famous rant. The interpreter ofHonda in the testosterone show had grabbed the program managers by the collar during a video Instagram quickly went viral. And which, inevitably, appealed to the fan base of SWAT.

SWAT: one last season for the road

Thus, with his filmed discontent, Shemar Moore touched many spectators on social networks. With the eloquent hashtag “SaveSWAT” (literally “Save SWAT”), the actor’s very personal message touched the hearts of the fans who stood up like a legion against the CBS executives. Upon arrival, the channel finally gave in by renewing the series one last time for a final season. History of closing in due form SWAT After seven seasons. It must be said that the detective series still brings together more than 6,000,000 of viewers in the United States. A figure far from shameful which gave Shemar Moore one more reason to remove the pins in his Insta video. The actor had said that the cancellation was “a f*cking mistake” from CBS programmers. SWAT therefore ends with its seventh and final season, currently broadcast on TF1. CBS still managed a small Pyrrhic victory by truncating the season by 9 episodes, reducing it from a usual total of 22 to only 13. Fans 1 – CBS 1. Tie, ball in the center but final curtain for SWAT.